15 January 2012

1337 Hacks Tutorial 1 : Introduction to Cain and Abel

How to User Cain and Abel!

Cain and abel is one of best Tool that is commonly used to Poison the network or  Do a man in middle Attack in the whole Network.But According to the Oxid.it a company that makes it , its a password recovery tool :P for Windows  by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols.

How do I use it?

Spoiler (Click to Hide)
1.This is labelled to show the important buttons and what shows up once you open Cain and Abel.

[Image: ILCGF.png]

Familiarise yourself with Cain and Abel and take a poke around. You you click random stuff nothing will stuff up your PC.

2.Networks Tab:

[Image: k0to3.png]

Shows all of the computers connected to your network and if you have the password and username you can access them.


[Image: Dq8FL.png]

Note: Turn off firewalls to prevent AVs and other firewalls to stop Cain and Abel from scouring your network! Cain and Abel is NOT a virus, but has hacking behaviours which AVs pick up.


[Image: YB7pe.png]

The next image will show what you see when you click the +

[Image: rfjTi.png]

2.Password Tab:

This is where all the stuff that has been picked up by the sniffer and APR will be here. High-lighted in red is where everything picked up via HTTP or browsers are sent out to router:

[Image: YoamA.png]

3.Cracker Tab:

Once you have received some hashes for RDC for example you can use the cracker and by Right-clicking you can add a list to crack:

[Image: GiZdW.png]

Thanks to ultimatehacker007 Offline Of HackForums.net


  1. Hi, does the person using the poisoned computer have to actually type their password or will it capture passwords for sites they are already logged into, i.e hotmail, facebook, twitter etc? The problem I have is that their computer is already logged into all of their sites so they never need to enter their password. Any ideas please?

  2. lol i poisoned my bro's computer using arp poisoning attack he was watching porn... :D

    not to mention that he beated the hell outta me after that :|

    the question is how did he found out?

    1. maybe the porn starts buffering while he almost cumming lol
      but my best bet is he also uses cain and he checked

  3. I am unable to poison the ip adresses... Every time i start arp poisoning i cant recieve any packet...I tried with wireshark also...

    Please help me

  4. i tried and it keeps telling me couldnt create personal storage instance..please help

  5. i tried and it keeps telling me couldnt create personal storage instance..please help

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  7. WARNING!!! TCP Large/Giant Send Offloading is enable for the current network interface. Cain's SSL MitM attacks could be affected;
    Please check the Windows's advanced settings of your network interface configuration.
    Alternatively you can globally disable task offloading features with the following command;

    netsh int ip global taskoffload=disable

    Remember to deactivate and re-activate the network interface after the above command.


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  11. Is it a virus? Because when I tried to download it and my PC told me it was a virus and I pretty much wanted to make sure it wasn't a virus.