13 February 2012

Why Microsoft's India store Hacked

Hackers are again bang with a new Hack  , This Time Microsoft India Store Hacked by Chinese Hackers Named   allegedly belonging to a Chinese group called Evil Shadow Team, struck at www.microsoftstore.co.in on Sunday night, stealing login ids and passwords of people who had used the website for shopping Microsoft products.

They Put site  Offline 

While it is troublesome that hackers were able to breach security at a website owned by one of the biggest IT companies in the world, it is more alarming that user details - login ids and passwords - were reportedly stored in plain text file, without any encryption.

Following the hack, the members of Evil Shadow Team, posted a message on the Microsoft website saying "unsafe system will be baptized". The story was first reported by www.wpsauce.com.

Later, the website seemed to have been taken offline by Microsoft. We advise the users at Microsoft India Store to change the password as soon the website comes online. Also, if they have used the same password or login id on any other web service, they should change it immediately.

In recent Years, hacker groups like Lulzsec, Anonymous had carried out several-profile high profile break-ins, putting focus on the security measures companies put in place. Sony allegedly suffered several security breaches and hackers stole user ids and passwords of customers from its network.

There are lots of Hacking Forums ,  Communities are there on internet that encourage the Hackers to Hack and  hack the others nation site like India-Pakistan Hackers continuously in race of hacking site :P of each others.

Reason why Microsoft India Hacked its because , Low Security Of Site , No maintenance , No Professional ethical hacker is appointed to check the security issue..

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