3 February 2012

Use Google Docs as Proxy

Hello , Guys If you are a student and your school does not allow you to surf site like Facebook, Orkut etc in Your School or college etc Then this may help you , In this  Tutorial , You will be Provided How to Use Google Docs as Proxy , to Bypass Surfing restrictions..

There are always Ways To Buy-pass Restrictions by Using  Ultra Surf , etc other proxy but they will be detected by Firewall or Restricted Site Software like Net Nanny. Hence This May Help you.Top Ten Hacking Techniques..

Use Google Docs As A Simple Rich Text Web Proxy

If you’re at a location that filters out a site you want to visit but allows Google sites, this clever work around allows you to browse blocked web sites.

Note : It certainly has limitation: you won’t get pictures, video, javascript, or other advanced web content. You will, however, get the text and the basic formatting–consider it a Rich Text sort of browsing experience

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