17 February 2012

Hackers Tablet : Auraslate

Hello Guys , Today , A new Tablet comes into the Market  Named Auraslate , Its an Open source Tablet with Android Installed , and lots of Tools and toolkit for hackers inbuilt .

Aura slate may be for you. It’s basically an Ice Cream Sandwich-compatible tablet built from the ground up for hax0rz and programmers alike.

There are two models – the 7-inch 726B and the 10-inch 1026 – and the 1026 can run the latest version of Android. You can upload any version you want, however, and even the hardware is open source in that you receive a hardware source disk for about $20 extra.

Auraslate just launched (thanks tipster!) so we’ll have to wait and see how popular and useful the product becomes. However, as a tool for developers it seems that the founders’ hearts are in the right place.

You Can Book Here


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