24 November 2011

Imagine cup 2012

Hi Guys,

Imagine cup 2012

Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems

Register at: Ic2012 

Introduction :
           Microsoft Imagine cup 2012 is  a student technology competition, where you have to build a Technology related to a software,  embedded device , or a game for phone , xbox 360 etc that will help the other  poor people or may solve  the world toughest challenges like , poverty, illiteracy , and other good stuff according to the theme of Imagine cup 2012 provided. using Microsoft technology or other also can be included (using Interoperability).

¡For Imagine Cup 2012, you can choose from three team competitions—
  Software Design
 Game Design: Xbox/Windows
 Game Design: Phone
 Windows Azure 
Windows Phone Challenge

If you want to Learn about Imagine cup 2012 , use this link

For Motivation  => Blind Ambition 


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