3 January 2012

How to begin with C#


Today , I will Give you Introduction of C sharp Language a.k.a C# that is commonly used in making  windows 7 Desktop Apps, Software,Websites  with ASP.net and windows phone 7 App Making.Its Object Oriented   that is basically  amalgamation of Famous Language C++ and Java.

Why You Choose C sharp ?

  • You can make games in C# (XNA).

  • It will be easier to learn C or C++, if you learn C# first, because the syntax is very similar.

  • It's a high level programming language.

  • It's object oriented. 

  • Desktop , Softwares , websites and Lots of Programming contest use C sharp also as language to program along with C++,java,python.
Note : C sharp Mono is Platform Independent to Know More About it Use this Link.

                       Where to download?

Link 1 : First of all we need a IDE, so we can start making our own programs. You can download Visual C# 2010 here. After downloading we can start making our own programs.

Link 2 :
Or you can  Go to http://www.dreamspark.com and Login with Your Live's ID and Download Visual Studio From There Site free for Students. If You have Problem regarding to Get Verification Just Mail them to send a key on Contact us page.

Now You Downloaded the IDE or visual studio Express or ultimate Whatever you have , just Install it and run it. 


So you have Opened it right ? and Now ready to Make Hello world Program.

See this Tutorial .

We have Two Option Right Now Window's GUI or Console We will first Make a Console App. So 

so simple code
Press F5 to Run.

Nest Part Next Time


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