15 February 2012

25% of Doctors Use iPads Professionally

Hi , Tech geeks

According to the latest Survey , A Quarter Of All Doctors In Europe Use i-Pads Professionally , I-pad Market is increasing like leaps and bound , and apps that help in treatment , check up for ipad  etc are also increasing in the market like a  population lol ,  

Just over a quarter of all doctors in the EU — primary care and specialist — use an iPad for professional purposes. That’s a big number for a device primarily aimed at content consumption and not hardened against a hospital environment.

And it seems that the doctors in fact do use it primarily for content consumption: a quarter of their “work online time” is spent on it (55% is still on a desktop), looking up articles, showing online resources to patients, and so on. Right now the market for iPad-oriented productivity software for healthcare appears to be more or less wide open; doctors are using the device (40% planned to buy one in the next six months as well), but more as a portable web browser than a care accessory.

From Reading online article to Check report of Patience all can be done in Ipad ,Hence demand is Increasing.


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