18 February 2012

Android Control With Kinect


Also known as Natural  User Interface is Upcoming Interface After the GUI , i.e Graphical User Interface . GUI is Related to Graphics where you had seen the Graphics , Pictures, Buttons etc to communicate with Computer ,Electronics device But in NUI  we have Gestures, and Movement to communication with the Device Like Moving Hand For Closing Window or Waving hand to make Picture in Computer .In Simple Words NUI is Related to Gestures ,Movement to Give Input to the Computer Rather then Clicking Physically Like in GUI.

In Past Year we have This What we called CUI , i.e Command Line Interface , To Give Input to the Computer we have to type Lots of command in Terminal to open a Notepad . but Now With NUI you can simply Move our Hand to open Notepad , etc .

Here is Interesting Experiment Done by a Tech-geek with Use of Open source Os Android and Kinect , Project , where He Connect the Android Screen To Project and Coded Kinect to  Respond to the Gestures According to the Movement of his Gesture.

Here you can see Controlling system of Android with Kinect.

Source : hackAday

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