6 January 2012

Certain Copycats of Amazon ?

Amazon.com, is an American multinational electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is the world's largest online retailer as you all know about it, Flip Kart Another Online retailer From India , That Belief to be a amazon Kiler in india started to copy feature of amozon even the website layout , recent research states that there is ceratin similarties between flip kart and amazon , other online retailer of India Indianplaza and etc are also following the path of flikkart copycat way.

Have a look at the Online portal of both of the Sites , even the site, features ,are same there are other site also that are in same race as flip kart . Naaptol, tradus.in etc are even have same layout and features that Expected to belong to amazon , as layout don't have Patent issue so etc ,

 Hence by Helping site like Amazon that servers Source of them , become a  great way to make there site feature , layout like same, and adopt copycat  like features :P, Is is really a copycats or not we don't know but Defiantly a big loose to amazon.


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