7 January 2012

Top Ten Browser's Review

Internet is Not New thing For Anyone who is in 21st Century except you are one who  belong to Nomads Tribute :P . Browser Plays Important Role to Connect you to World Wide web  and Explore the new Opportunities and  Gain Knowledge . Internet is Fastest Method of Getting Valuable Knowledge(Need wise) and interact with your Friends and Relative that are far apart from you with a simple clicks.

Today I will give you the best Browser that you choose , for surfing  or access internet .

browser Review Depend Upon the Few Parameters , And According to Latest Survey Conducted by Internet Browser review Corp. Here is the result.

Number 1: Mozilla Firefox 

Mozilla Firefox is one of my best web Browser , that is currently free and has lots of ad-dons, and hacks that can be done to  browser, Its nearly 70% customizable by users.Hence with the parameters like security,  surfing speed , etc it is number one . Maximum number of Hackers use Mozilla as First Browser , As It can be customize easily and   they can do lots of Hacks  with Firefox . 
Here is Book For Mozilla Firefox hacks.
If you wanna buy Here , costly ? use your Hands on Torrent :P.

Download Link : Here

Number 2: Google Chrome  :

Second one is Google Chrome , Its is one of the best web Browser in terms of  Fast Browsing and Security , but due to  few ad-dons, and  not many extensions  it is number 2 at the browser's rating.

Downloaded Link : Here

Number 3 : Internet explorer 9 :

One of the Good Web Browser , IE 10 is more better than IE 9 but in Beta mode right now and Have great pinned Website features etc , That separate him from other's . but Nice UI by IE 9
Rather it has Great security , and browsing experience is Amazing by IE9.

Download :  Here

Number 4: Opera :

If you use Mobile Internet then defiantly Opera Mini is your best web browser in terms of fast surfing , and other stuff  is it ? I always enjoy Opera mini and 11 browser , because they are fast, and UI is User friendly . But Other parameters makes him  at the number 5 in the list.

Download Link :  Here

Number 5 : Apple's safari :

Apple's Safari is Another Great Web Browser that has lots of great Features and Amazing UI like other but , security  issue let him down in race of  rating of browser's.
In pawn2Own Contest Safari is most Vulnerable Web Browser among the other Browsers .

Download link : Here 

Other are also useful but not have enough value to be reviewed. :P

Here is criteria :

1. Feature Set
2.Ease of Use
4.Speed & Compatibility

Source : Toptenreview

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