10 January 2012

You are downloading app or anything else ?

Living In the 21st Century where Technological wonders are not a new thing for us.New gadgets Like cellphone,Gps Device etc are not exception that offer consumers many time saving advantage and communication.

Cellphone is now becoming a Basic need of a Person , that Provide Instantaneous messaging, audio/video capturing and touch with friends,Parents, They can't Live without it , some are too addicted that they can never imagine a day without cellphone.
Apps and Games are become the daily part of day , downloading games and playing it in the road, metro and even in toilet becomes common habit . People use Cellphone widely , for  shopping,banking online  transactions  etc.

Increasing Smart Phones Market , also increases the  Apps that serve as trojen, malwares of  cellphone that steal your Private data , and even log you all activities, message , your credentials of bank, paypal  etc all . They even send it to the owner of malware, Trojan etc.

According to the Report of Security Researcher Trevor Eckhart , an estimated 150 Million Mobile devices contain software that logs everything from message to  banking 

credentials.Eckhart recently posted a video showing that the software—Carrier IQ—even records data from websites encrypted to prevent such tracking

so what do you think , 
How Private Is Your Cellphone and You are downloading app or anything else ?

Be Sure that you download app from App Market , and check its review first because sometimes users that are Facing problem always left some bad comment for the app so that other's don't download it.
Always use secure browser for Cellphone and don't download too much app that are not reviewed earlier.

Be Safe


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