11 January 2012

You are downloading app or anything else ? : Part 2

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Here I am with New Post  Part 2 of successful Previous Post :You are downloading app of anything else ?.

As you Know  That ,Android smart phones and Tablets are skyrocket in popularity now days. App Market is Booming So Fast that you don't have time even to check out the all Apps and Games.With Increasing of Apps ,Games

there is an inevitable rise in Trojans,  rootkits, viruses and malware is also taking place .
There are Top 5 Malwares That found by Symantec Anti. Virus Company.

According to the Symantec Company Researchers "Android was the sole target of mobile malware writers."and This is a slap to  Google , who Says Android is Most Secure OS In the Market Right Now.

They Add “You hear about (malware) more on Android than Apple’s iOS,” says computer security expert Daniel Elswick, “mainly because Apple is strict with what apps they allow into the Apple App Store, while the Android Market is more open, so almost any application can make it in there.”

Number 1 : Android.Fakeneflic :

Fully Fake this app is and harm you  you can't Imagine.When the Trojan is executed, it displays the log in page of a certain application. If a user enters a user name and password, the Trojan attempts to send those details to the following URL:
Number 2 : Android/PJApp:

Install applications, navigate to websites and add bookmarks to browsers
can send tt messages from your device, block messages and send user information back to the attacker.

Number 3 : TDSS:

"connects to remote computers and makes the infected computer part of a botnet. It may download and install additional malware."

Report According to Kaspersky

Number 4: Android/LoveTrp
"new versions of premium-rate SMS Trojans that sign up victims to subscription services

More Here

Number 5 :Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a

Once the bogus player is installed, the Trojan begins sending messages to premium-rate phone numbers without the owner’s knowledge or consent, resulting in money passing from a user’s account to that of the cyber criminals.
More Here

So Here we go Next time Next Part 3 Will Cover , iPhone, and iPad   Malwares research , Thanks for Reading.


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